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Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens



I am an Edmonton based photographer and have a love for capturing life's moments - the seemingly insignificant and the significant. I believe that each person and each time space has a story to tell and should be told. I love to tell them with my photos!

Some of my favorite things apart from photography include: my husband, spending time with others, drinking tea, anything yellow, dreaming + thinking, meaningful relationships, traveling, America's Funniest Home Videos, cooking + baking, spontaneous adventures, laughing, dachshund cuddling and crocheting. I am grateful to God for the gift of creativity and the gift of photography, and I strive to honour Him through my work.

If I know you, thank you for supporting me and checking out my website! If I don't know you, it's nice to "meet" you via the internet. I hope our paths cross someday soon!

- Kirsten